Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's not even midterms yet.

As reading week comes closer and closer, so does the assignment pile grow higher and higher. My plans for these treasured 9 days include sleeping in, a drive to the coast, and slaving over a hot Revit.

This summer, the new Research and Education Building is being built up in Wells Gray Provincial Park. All us first years are to propose a design, "Beautifully simple. Like an iPod," my professor says, and the winner will not only gain the distinction of having it built, but also the grand prize of $5000. It's quite a motivation.

If you've ever been to Wells Gray, you'll know it's incredibly beautiful. For those of you that haven't, well I'm doing my part for the Tourist Board.

The mountains are covered in pine so thick, it amazes me you can even see moose! But moose we did see on the class' field trip a few weeks ago. It was a day-long event of hiking through snow to see the building site and getting an idea of how different this site really is and the challenges that come with it.

I'll keep plugging away at it, but another visit to the site (and neighbouring waterfalls) wouldn't hurt. As part of the design process, of course.

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