Friday, August 12, 2011

Haunted Castle Kilbride

Another eerie tale...

Castle Kilbride is a historical landmark and pride of small-town Baden, Ontario, although rumours of a restless ghost surround this stunning example of Italianate architecture.

Castle Kilbride

James Livingston, industrialist and politician, 
built Castle Kilbride in 1877.

One of the most notable features is the dominating cupola.
Legend has it a little Livingston boy cousin was playing in the cupola with the other kids and is said to have accidentally fallen down the cupola's steep stairs, meeting an untimely end.

Visitors over the years claim to have heard soft steps bounding up the same staircase, 
with accompanying giggling and laughter. They say he whispers that he wants to play.
But, the stairs have always been found deserted.

Is that someone (or something...) peeking through the shutters!?!

Home to the Livingston's for three generations, Kilbride was eventually purchased
by the Township in 1993 and now serves as a museum.

Enter...if you dare!



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  1. What a haunting good spooky story and pictures. Of course, Thriller music is the BEST!

  2. Love this house! & the story is fantastic! my sister lives in a home that is over 30 years old & when they did a remodel her daughter (then 4) kept playing with a little girl that no once else could completely freaked us all out! Once the remodel was complete the little girl went away! & yes, she did have a priest come in & "clean" the house. xoox, tracie

  3. I lived in Baden, Ontario for 13 years of my life. Growing up in a Victorian house built around the same era, and by the same family (the Livingstons built and owned my home for a time), I always found a profound connection to this location. I went on the tours many times over the years, and through my exploration, a few eerie things popped up.

    The staircase where the boy fell is closed off to the general public. From the staircase I heard (on more than one occasion) children's laughter from upstairs. This is a common report of the area. It's not a pleasant vibe from the staircase, and I would never will myself to climb it.

    Beautiful home with an interesting story.

  4. Thanks pizzarash. Castle Kilbride has such an interesting history... and a very creepy legend. I agree, that is one staircase I will never be climbing!


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