Friday, September 30, 2011

St. Clair River Photography Contest

The Friends of the St. Clair River Organization is holding a digital photo contest for amateur photographers!

Amateur photographers of the St. Clair River Watershed are encouraged (i.e. Prizes worth a total of $2000) to submit three photographs highlighting the beautiful body of water. The St. Clair River stretches between Southwestern Ontario and Michigan.

The final deadline is today. But the "Fall on the Water" category of the contest runs until October 30th.

My Entries

Sharing the St. Clair
The Canadian and American flag gently snap in the wind, overlooking the shared 
St. Clair River. The photograph was shot in black and white to emphasize the peace and serenity between the two countries. Recreational activities and tourism generated by 
the St. Clair is enjoyed between both countries.

*This is my favourite of the three... I'm partial to black and white photography.

Blue Water Bridge in Silhouette

The Blue Water Bridge on the St. Clair River, in silhouette. Structure versus nature - the children playing in the river and the seagulls flying above put the bridge and the river below in perspective. The structure hugs the body of water, framing the photograph.

Water Dancing Over MacPherson Fountain

The water dances above the beautiful MacPherson Fountain.  The water sprinkles down onto a flooded path, which leads to the St. Clair River. The brass and the rocks of the fountain clash vehemently with the smooth and soft spray of water.

I'll be sharing the beauty of the St. Clair River at Watery Wednesday and Southern Daydreamer's Outdoor Wednesday.
Check out the Friends of the St. Clair River Digital Photo Contest here (wish me luck!)


  1. They are all beautiful but the B & W is my favorite also. Good luck! Hope you're a Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner!

  2. Beautiful captures.

    Hope you'd find time to visit my entries here and here.

  3. Wonderful shots, good luck with the contest:)


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