Thursday, September 22, 2011

Studying in Ontario

Life is busy at the moment, but strangely quiet.

I am out of commission right now and will be for the next several months, what with my body still healing after a car accident this summer. I am doing my best to outwait the healing period of a broken back, and will start physiotherapy after Thanksgiving. I will be returning to school in January, much to my impatience.

I’ve always liked school. I liked pulling out my binder and filling it with new information. I liked my teacher’s anecdotes about certain subjects, or more often than not, subjects way off the rabbit trail.
I miss my friends. I’m impatient to get back to hitting the books and complaining about information overload and study cram sessions.

In January I hope to attend a local university (British Columbia is just 4 provinces too far for my poor back), where I plan to enrol in a Bachelor of Honours Arts, pursuing a Masters of Architecture.

Bye-bye, BC.

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