Sunday, October 23, 2011

Think Outside the Box (Think: Triangle)

My high school drama teacher always used to tell us students to "never stand in a straight line with your fellow actors, it's boring. Stand as a triangle, it draws the eye".

In kitchen design, it's recommended to place the three key components of your kitchen (Fridge, range, and sink) in a triangle. It's easier to maneuver around the kitchen.


I was wandering around Michael's today, picking up watercolour paper. I starting flipping through the "how to..." section, and picked up a wonderful instructional guide called "Watercolor 1: Learning the Basics of Watercolor Painting" by Caroline Linscott. At one point, she talks about creating dynamic paintings by arranging elements of the painting in a triangle. This helps to lead the eye around the painting.

All Things Architecture

It makes me wonder where else I could use the magical triangle.

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