Sunday, March 25, 2012

World's Most Creative Hotels

Summer is fast approaching, a good time to travel and discover. 
Keep in mind these unusual places to rest your head at night.


V-Houses (Jungle Hotel), Mexico

Built in 2007 in Yelapa, Mexico and designed by Heinz Legler. There are no windows and the roof is corrugated iron. I'd love to stay here on a rainy night.

Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel), Canada

Note: I have lingering doubts.

The Ice Hotel opened in 2001 in Montmorency Park, Québec. Suites at this chilly hotel never go below -5°C, even with outside tempatures of  -30°C. Want to give it a try? You'll have to wait until next January, the hotel just closed for the year this week.

Survival Pod Hotel, Netherlands

Originally used as escape pods on oil rigs in the 70's, these bright orange capsules are available to stay in, and accommodate up to three people.

Floating Hotel, Sweden

Sticking with the floating theme, Sweden's first floating hotel opened in 2008. It is docked adjacent to the famous restaurant, Salt & Sill.

Sand Castle Hotel, England

The world's first sand hotel, in Dorset, England also opened in 2008. Guests pay just £10 per night.

Salt Hotel, Bolivia

The Bolivian Salt Hotel, composed entirely of salt blocks. Be mindful: no licking the salt.

Jumbo Hostel, Sweden

This dormant Boeing 747 was converted in 2006 into the Jumbo Hostel, complete with 25 rooms and conveniently located just 10 minutes from the Arlanda airport check-in counter.

Alcatraz Hotel, Germany

In Kaiserlautern, a city of Western Germany, a former jail has been revamped into a hotel, keeping the original prison bars and jail-cell room layouts. You can also find jail hostels in Ottawa, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel, Turkey

In the village of Urgap, Turkey, there is a hotel carved into the side of the mountain. It dates back to the 5th century and it's guests are free to explore the underground cities of the past.

Drain Pipe Hotel, Austria

Pay what you wish at any number of the drain pipe hotel rooms in Austria. You can find the converted drain pipes in Berne Park and Ottensheim.


Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

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