Friday, August 17, 2012

Beachy Ponderings

Weekends this summer, I was just a ten minute walk to Ipperwash beach on beautiful Lake Huron. Weekdays, I was back to school.
Exams just finished last week and it feels as if summer is wrapping up.

The beach houses on the lake are great. One in particular, I’m curious about.

Is that a levee, in case the water rises? Or is the house old enough that it the wall was built where the water once was? That is, has the water receded? 

School starts again on September 10, leaving me with just a few weeks of sun, sand and trips across the border. Michigan is about thirty minutes away and has the most beautiful drive along Route 25 (the “thumb” of Michigan). Also, you can’t beat the border shopping. Index cards (a university student’s best friend when studying) comes in packs of 60 for $1.25 in Canada. Across the border, 100 for $1.

... I go through a lot of index cards.

Must go – got to get some beach volleyball in while I still can.

1 comment:

  1. oh how I wish I had a lake house . Have fun until your are back in school and then, well, still have fun. xo


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