Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stratford House Tour

Stratford, Ontario

Not just another Ontario farm town, this community is chock-full of beautiful old Victorian homes.

 Along every street, lay architectural gems.

 Including this famous Stratford home, the "Stratford White House".

The White House is pretty imposing compared to it's neighbours, who are, in general, very stately themselves.

I absolutely love this house on the corner. I think I just really like their red front door.

This home always reminds me of an old Italian villa.

A Wuthering Heights home, because it's so dark and imposing... but in a good way.

And last but not least... Rundles Morris House, the minimalist vacation home of Stratford.

Also attached is Rundles Restaurant.

Stratford is home to the Shakespearean Festival Theatre of Canada, Justin Bieber, and beautiful homes.
Visit for the theatre, stay for the architecture.

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