Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Might Be An Architecture Student...

12 Signs You Might Be An Architecture Student...

1) When someone says icon you think "I. Kahn".
2) Your heart goes out to all the ugly buildings.
3) You've spent 12 hours straight on Revit.
4) You know what Revit is.
5) You've sketched on everything (napkins, receipts, bills, bottom of shoes...).
6) You go to school on Saturdays. And Sundays.
7) Your eyes are never the same after a model's due date.
8) It bothers you when someone calls "concrete" cement.
9) You've used your scale as a ruler.
10) You can imitate each of the lab printer's distinctive lurching and humming.
11) You think carports will make a comeback.
12) You read architecture blogs.

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