Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old Main Campus Reno

Old Main Campus gets a facelift!

Old Main Before

This week is the week summer officially begins, but for my fellow university students and I, it marks the half-way point of a blissful four-month summer. 

This past year, the House of Learning finished it's construction. The results were amazing and I am so looking forward to the new renovations taking place at Old Main Campus. The architects, Diamond and Schmitt and Stantec are to thank for this prodigious design, which includes a two new stories, one of which is to house the Faculty of Law.

Plus, I heard through the grapevine we get new that's a bonus.

During the semester, I spend basically all of my time in this building. Classrooms, computer labs, cafeteria. All they need is cots, and you would never need to leave. Except you most definitely should, as a 24-hour Revit session(s) cannot be good for long-term health reasons.

Old Main is the heart of the campus, and I couldn't be more excited for this renovation to bring 
40,000 brand new square feet to explore and admire.

All images courtesy of Thompson Rivers University Newsroom.

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