Wednesday, December 26, 2012

November Slam, December Exams

I hope, dear readers, that you and yours had a lovely Christmas!

After a busy couple of months, I'm back to blogging. That was just a crazy semester, and it's such a relief to finally have a break! Next semester looks to be just as nuts, however, I am vowing, as a New Years resolution, to stop neglecting my dear blog.

I've been taking a course on art fundamentals this semester, and I like to think I'm getting loads better. My favourite piece this semester turned out to be a still life assignment:

My other favourite is a perspective drawing of the Perimeter Institute in Uptown Waterloo.It's actually hanging in the hallway of East Campus Hall, at the moment. I'll post it soon, along with some photos from my excursion AND tell you why I was nervous photographing the building.

Seriously, I half-expected security to come out and bust me... I just live so dangerously.

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